Turkey wasn't my first choice. I was scared, I didn't know what to expect from this very different world, so I put it as second. But somehow Turkey 
wanted me to be there, to make me stronger, to make me see things I wouldn't have discovered otherwise. I spent 9 months in Trabzon, which 
I remember with a big smile. It wasn't always easy, I tried myself many times with new experiences, with this new life, new mentality, new situations. 
Actually, it was challenging and to be sincere, lots of times I thought about giving up. But it helped me to spread my light as much as I could and make 
me see things brighter, to appreciate every single minute of this new different life. I can't say trabzon is my city, my place, but I can truly say , I wouldn't 
be the person I am today without those 9 months.You can still find pieces of dani walking in kalkinma street or drinking cay in boztepe, laughing hard 
in meydan. I left there my best part and also the worst one, but no regrets: I really love this country and I wish everyone could have the possibility to 
discover its beauty day by day.
Daniela Guarracino