Being a vital residence, Trabzon offers a variety of transportation by road, sea, and airways as well. In the city, there are many direct coach services to all major cities. In Trabzon, there is an international airport only 5 minutes from the main campus. Direct flights from this airport connect Trabzon with different destinations in Turkey, Europe and Central Asian countries.

Compared to western European countries, transport is highly cheap in Turkey. A return flight from Istanbul costs 40 to 70€ depending on the time of the flight, which takes about one and a half hours. The international students can also benefit from ferries running between Trabzon and coastal cities of Russia such as Sochi, as well as bus services between Trabzon and Georgian towns such as Batumi. 

There are regular public buses and minibuses running between the campus and the city centre. Minibuses leave for the campus when they are full, which usually takes less than 5 minutes during rush hours, and not more than 15 minutes outside the rush hours. If you want to use the public bus you need to get a bus card. Transportation from the main campus and the city centre to other locations is also easy to get through similar services.